Should You Start a Flower Farm in 2024?

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The popularity of gardening has grown substantially over the last couple of years.

During the pandemic, gardening was a nice distraction for those seeking a hobby while spending extra time at home. More recently though, gardening has become a creative means of alleviating financial strain.

Plenty of people are growing vegetables to reduce their cost of groceries and aspiring flower farmers are turning their passion for cultivating beauty into full-fledge businesses.

With so many people jumping on the flower farming bandwagon specifically, it may leave you wondering… should you follow suit?

I mean, really… is flower farming just the latest trend or is there a real advantage to starting a flower farm?

Speaking from experience- as someone who has spent the last 5 years building her own flower farming business, I can tell you that there are a number of benefits to growing cut flowers (beyond just selling them for profit).

Let’s break it down.

Spending time outside is good for your mental health

Let’s face it, we all spend more time than we’d like in front of screens and scrolling on social media.

Deep down, we all know how bad so much screen time is for our mental health, but unplugging from our very plugged-in world is often easier said than done.

Having an activity that forces you to be more intentional with the time you spend outside- that’s often the motivation we need to get ourselves moving in the right direction.

And if you can just get yourself outside, well- that’s when the benefits really kick in. You see, there’s a whole slew of scientific evidence that shows how we get a huge boost of energy, productivity, and creativity just by spending time outdoors.

What’s not to love about that?!

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Allows you to make use of resources you already have available to you.

What stops a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs from actually starting the business of their dreams is the fear that it’s going to cost them an arm + a leg to do so.

Flower farming, while certainly not ‘cheap’, can be as simple (or as complicated) as you make it.

The truth is, if you have some dirt available to you in your backyard, a packet of seeds, and the patience to start small- you can build a surprisingly profitable flower farm without breaking the bank.

I know this to be true because I’ve done it myself.

Allows you to capitalize on the growing demand for flowers.

There’s no denying that inflation is real. And with all of us feeling the pressure that increasing prices is placing on our wallets, you may be wondering- do people even have enough discretionary spending left to purchase flowers?!

Increased prices may be impacting everyone these days but the biggest takeaway I’ve learned is that the demand for flowers is still present.

Flowers are, after all, a tangible symbol of good cheer- and who doesn’t need more of that?

People’s spending habits may not be changing but what they’re spending their money on definitely is.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that flower farmers remain flexible and innovative with the way they do things (and the products they offer).

People are looking for creative solutions for how they can get the most bang for their buck which means they may be looking for lower-cost alternatives to popular cut flowers. Or they may be more receptive to receive your product as an ‘experience’ rather than something more tangible.

Demand is there- you just have to get creative with you how you capture it these days.

Next Steps to Take to Start a Flower Farm:

Now, I don’t want to send you the wrong message- flower farming isn’t a lucrative, get-rich-fast path to success (at least that hasn’t been my experience).

In my opinion, wanting to make money– that desire alone isn’t reason enough to start a flower farm. But if you’re thinking flower farming may be something worth pursuing, then below you’ll find some of my best resources to help get you started.

  • 1). Should You Take a Flower Farming Course BEFORE Starting a Flower Farm?

Let’s be real- imposter syndrome is real in the early years of starting a business! Investing in an online flower farming course may feel out of the question- especially during a time when you’re flooded with so many feelings of self-doubt…

That’s why, in this video I share my (unconventional) perspective as to whether or not flower farming courses are required in order to run a successful flower farm. Watch all the way to the end- the answer may just surprise you 😉

  • 2). Your Easy Guide to Designing the Perfect Flower Garden

Ready to dive on in and get started?! Great!

In this video, I give you the step-by-step instructions you need to plan and design the cut flower garden that will best suite you + your individual needs.

And if planning for your first flower garden feels like too much for you- don’t worry! We’ve created the ultimate shortcut to getting started. Inside our digital guide- Quarter Acre Cut Garden Plan– we share the EXACT layout we use for growing cut flowers on our own flower farm.

It’s taken us over three years of trial-and-experience to find the garden layout that makes the most sense for us. With any luck, you’ll save yourself some time by learning from our mistakes. To grab your copy or find more info, click here.

  • 3). THIS is How You Become a Full-Time Flower Farmer

Want to know what it really takes to take your passion of growing flowers and transform it from a part-time hobby to a full-time career?

In this video, I share the EXACT framework I’d follow if I were starting my own flower farm once again from scratch.

Wishing you the best of luck as you pursue your flower farming dreams! Here’s to many abundantly beautiful seasons ahead 🙂

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