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September is a beautiful month of transition for us here at Two Sisters Flower Farm.

At this point in the year, we’re still enjoying an abundance of blooms in the garden; however the days are becoming noticeably shorter and I know that fall will be here in no time at all…

Despite fall marking the end of our flower-growing season, I look forward to autumn with eager anticipation. After all, when fall arrives, it brings with it the arrival of our heirloom pumpkins and potted mums.

I can’t help but love how our pumpkin patch will soon be bursting with vibrant pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, ready to be harvested and enjoyed. The potted mums too, will add a splash of color to our farm, with their beautiful blooms in shades of yellow, red, pink, and purple.

As we bid farewell to summer and welcome the cozy days of autumn, let’s take a deeper look at what exactly September entails…

Main Tasks:

Preparing our Fall Farm Stand:

Each year, I aim to have our fall farm stand up + running by Labor Day weekend. It’s always a big push to get our initial set-up complete, but it’s so rewarding seeing our small corner lot transform from completely empty to chock-full of pumpkins in every shape, color + size!

Halloween may still be a ways away but with over 5 acres of pumpkins to harvest and close to 1500 mums to move- we have to get an early start!

Once set up, we’ll work to regularly stock the stand. It’s always my goal that all customers- no matter when they visit, can enjoy a great selection of products to choose from.

Taking Garden Notes + Capturing Content:

Our first autumn frost typically arrives early to mid October- which means that September is truly my last chance to take notes on all of the different flower varieties we have blooming in the field, as well as capture photos and video.

It’s sort of hard to imagine now, while everything is so lush + green, but all it takes is one hard frost for our entire field to turn to mush. The notes I take during this month will be help me later during the winter months as I’m planning for next year’s garden layout, and as I decide what’s worth growing again + what’s not…

The photos and video that I capture will be especially helpful so that I can continue to have content to share here on this blog, on our YouTube channel and across our social media profiles even in the off-season.

While sharing captivating photos + video is an important part of running a business- I more so love how the entire process allows me to flex my creativity muscles a bit. I only wish I had more time to dedicate to it.

Labeling Dahlias:

Like I said, the first autumn frost is the ultimate end to our warm-loving flowers. Once hit by frost, our dahlias, in particular, will become indistinguishable from one another.

While I do label our dahlia patch with wooden stakes as I’m planting, it’s not uncommon for those labels to wind up missing by the season’s end.

To ensure that all our dahlias- which we’ll be digging up next month- stay properly labeled, I go through our dahlia patch this month (while the plants are still easily identifiable) and attach flagging tape to the base of the plants. With permanent market, I write the name of each variety directly on the flagging tape. Because the tape stays with each clump of tubers as I’m digging, I can more easily ensure that I keep my dahlia tubers organized + properly labeled.

I’ll admit, this process of flagging each variety does take work, but when I’m knee deep in dahlia tubers that all look the same- that’s usually when I’m most thankful that I made time to do this task.

What We’re Planting:

Normally this month, I’d be tucking our hardy annual transplants into the garden. I’ve always had the best luck overwintering these cool-loving flowers when I allow them about 4 weeks to get established before the cold weather triggers them into dormancy.

This year, we’re taking a small break from hardy annuals (a decision that I’ll share more about in an upcoming YouTube video- so be sure to subscribe to our channel to know when that goes live).

All this to say that this month we’re not planting much of anything on our small flower farm.

What’s in Bloom:

The dahlias are really hitting their stride right now; it seems that each plant is cranking out loads of stems! I love how I can rely on the dahlias to really carry us through this month as we continue to provide fresh bouquets to our Flower Subscription customers.

While most of our flower field is still in bloom, it’s clear that we’re nearing the end of the season. You can clearly see that some flower varieties are simply puttering out…

…there’s powdery mildew that’s more prevalent within our rows of zinnias; the underside of our basil plants are starting to turn black from the cooler nights; and the flowers as a whole are just slowing down…

It’s the natural life cycle for a beautifully productive flower season.

While the flower field is starting to slow down, our pumpkin patch is just starting to rev up!

Just like with the flowers, we grow a large range of pumpkin varieties. This year’s patch includes over 40 different varieties. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I especially love growing anything that’s a bit weird + unique so you can bet our patch includes plenty of unusual warted types.

Things I’m Loving:

As we gear up for our annual fall bulb sale, I’m working behind the scenes to make sure that we’re actually able to ship orders to those outside of our local community. I’ll admit that I’m not the most tech-savvy when it comes to thing like this…

Earlier this year, I ordered this thermal printer so that we can easily print shipping labels. Naturally, it’s taken me a lot of time to finally open the box and put this printer to use, but now that I have, I’m pleasantly surprised by how much more this printer can do beyond just printing shipping labels!

This printer is a powerhouse- and now that I know that I can print customized circle labels, I have a feeling I’ll be using it to brand just about everything that leaves our farm.


The flowers may be slowing down this month- but we’re a long ways off from being able to slow down ourselves!

We still have so much to do to officially wrap up our flower season, and there’s even more to be done in order to prepare for the upcoming spring season.

But for now, I’m going to embrace the fall season and simply enjoy the magic it brings with it- I hope you’ll do the same!

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