1/4 Acre Cutting Garden Plan (Digital Download)


Making the decision to grow flowers is exciting- but as any new grower can attest, along with that decision comes a whole host of other emotions like overwhelm, frustration, and even a bit of fear.

When I first started dreaming of growing flowers, I turned to the Internet to learn as much as I could on the topic of flower farming. One of the hardest things for me to visualize was how to take the concepts I had learned about growing flowers and map that out into a real-life cutting garden.

I mean, it just seemed like there was an endless number of decisions to make- what flower varieties should I plant? How many plants of each variety do I need? How far apart should I space my flowers? and so on…

While I loved the idea of being able to make the garden my own, what I wanted most in those early years was to follow some sort of roadmap so that I could cut down on the overwhelm.

I wanted a simple and straight-forward garden plan that could serve as a starting point for me. I knew that as the years went on and as I gained experience that I could always tweak the plan, but I just needed something that would get me out of the gate, that would help me start so that my dream of becoming a flower farmer didn’t end before it ever truly began.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation, my hope is that this 1/4 Acre Cutting-Garden Plan will serve as a starting point for your own dreams. And as you gain experience, I hope that you’ll find ways to transform your cutting garden into your very own masterpiece.

Inside this Downloadable E-Book we’re sharing:

  • Our EXACT 1/4 Acre Cut Garden Plan- including the specific varieties we plant in our field + how many plants of each variety.
  • Our entire Seed Sowing Schedule so that you know when to plant seeds in order to have transplants ready to go once the weather is sufficiently warm.
  • Growing notes based off of our experiences- we’re also sharing a glimpse of changes that we’re making for next year so that you don’t make the same mistakes we did!
  • And so much more!
  • Product has been UPDATED to include 2 Seasons of Growing Plans; Compare + Contrast the Changes/Improvements We’ve Made to Our Layout and Succession Schedule Over the Years!

This is all the information we wished we would have had when we were just starting out as it would have saved us hours in planning + preparing!

Please note that while this is a digital product, you are more than welcome to print it out! (Note: It’s designed to be printed on Legal Paper, not Letter Paper) Also, due to the digital nature of this product please understand that we do not offer refunds.


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