November Flower Farm Update: A Closer Look at Our Month

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The further we get into the year, the faster the seasons seem to go!

Just last month we were celebrating autumn with plenty of pumpkins, mums + other fall goodies. Christmas felt lightyears away… but now that the calendar has officially turned, it’s all hands on deck as we prepare for a holiday season that’s filled with plenty of beautiful hand-tied wreaths + fresh evergreen porch pots.

We have just one more season to get through before we can officially close out our year. So let’s not waste any time and get right to a recap of how our November played out.

Main Tasks:

Getting our Holiday Shop Ready to Open:

Over the years it feels like the trend has been for the holiday season to start earlier + earlier. People want to decorate well before Thanksgiving even arrives. To best serve our customers, we strive to have our holiday shop up and running by the second week of November.

It’s a big push to shift our attention from pumpkins to evergreens so quickly- but it’s definitely needed in order for us to stay profitable.

So for the two weeks between Halloween and when our Holiday Market opens we work to transform a small room in one of our barns into a festive shop where guests can shop plenty of pre-made wreath and porch pot designs. We also offer a small collection of curated winter items like unique holiday ornaments, beautiful pots of amaryllis bulbs and more!

This same shop is the location we’ll use to host the guests that sign up for any of our holiday workshops. I absolutely love this time of year when we get to spend more dedicated time with our customers. Creating unique holiday décor with fresh evergreens is a fun activity in and of itself but couple that with the company of great women and all I can say is that it fills my cup in ways I never anticipated it would.

Building Our “Holiday Offering Course”:

Truth be told, adding a winter season to our yearly calendar was a big challenge. I knew from very early on in my flower farming journey that I wanted to be a 4-season farm, but nothing prepared me for the steep learning curve that comes with implementing profitable holiday offerings.

It’s a good thing that I’m stubborn because the mistakes I made in the early years (and trust me, there were plenty!) only made me more determined to find a way to serve our customers for the holidays without losing my sanity in the process.

After more than three years experience with the winter season, I finally felt comfortable sharing the hard lessons that I’d learn with other flower farmers that wanted to create something similar for their small businesses.

This November, we released our first course centered on how teaching others how to add a winter season to their own seasonal line-up. It’s truly everything I wish I had known before getting. The course is 100 percent go at your own pace- and in case you’re interested in more details, I’ll leave the link to the course page here.

What We’re Planting:

November is always a weird mix of seasons. During daylight hours, I spend my time focused on our holiday offerings. Between hosting workshops and keeping our small shop stocked with pre-made designs, I usually don’t find time until late at night where I can pick away at planting our tulip bulbs.

Luckily tulips are all we’re planting right now- but with almost 13,000 bulbs that need to be planted- this can still feel like a very large job.

The days certainly feel long this month- there’s a lot to juggle- but the work I do now always feels worth it once we get to experience those early spring blooms.

What’s in Bloom:

This month is all about the evergreens. While porch pots + wreaths may not seem like a traditional floral arrangement- I’ve really come to enjoy using fresh evergreens in our decorative pieces.

Not only are evergreens fragrant + lovely to have around- I really appreciate just how low maintenance they are. Let’s be honest, we all have enough going on around the holidays- taking care of an arrangement, making sure it stays alive it likely low on our priorities. I love how our customers can leave their wreaths or porch pots outside and mother nature will keep them looking their best until warmer days arrive.

Things I’m Loving:

This month, as I’m spending more time in front of our customers teaching workshops, I’m trying my best to look a little more put together. I recently purchased this curling iron from Amazon- and truthfully, I’ve been surprised by just how well it works.

I’m no expert when it comes to hair care, but if you’re in the market for an affordable curling iron that works- you may just have good luck with this one.

Also, with it being such a hectic season, I’m trying hard not to rely so much on fast food. While ordering out is convenient for when I’m in a pinch, I know that in the long-run, it doesn’t leave me feeling my best.

This month (and moving forward) I’ve doing my best to commit to healthier habits that will support my often hectic lifestyle and so I’ve been using this meal-replacement protein to keep my fueled even on my long days- it’s made such a difference in how I feel by the day’s end which is an exciting win for me.

More so related to the business side of flower farming, I also purchased this velvet ribbon this month on a whim. I’m not usually a velvet person but I thought it might add a bit of flair to our wreaths. Our customers have fallen head over heels this month with this ribbon and I have a feeling we’ll be using even more of it in the seasons to come. Try it for yourself- there’s plenty of colors to choose from!


Back in the day, November used to mark the start of our off-season.

While nowadays this month is a bit more chaotic than I’d like, I can’t help but feel unbelievably grateful for this busy time of year.

For me, it’s proof of just how much our small business has grown!

Psst… need help extending your flower season? Want to create beautiful holiday offers that your customers will actually appreciate? Check out our course on “Creating a Profitable Winter Season for Your Flower Farm” and start earning money (even in the off-season!). Find more details here.

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