December Flower Farm Update: The Wrap-Up to Our Year!

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Now that we’re in December, the finish line is in sight! December came sometimes be hard to muster through, but this year we’ve enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather. While the warmer temps may not exactly be putting me in the holiday spirit-it does make it more enjoyable to work in.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t be all that mad if we had a Green Christmas every year…

As we close out our year, let’s dive deep one more time + take a look at our monthly recap.

Main Tasks:

Our Holiday Market:

We typically will keep our holiday shop up and running through the second week of December. There’s always plenty of last minute shoppers looking for Holiday Décor and I’ll happily serve them til we run out of our supply of fresh evergreens.

When it’s all said and done, our make-shift Holiday Shop is only open for 4 weeks in total- it’s our quickest season of the entire year (which often makes it our most challenging), but I’ve come to enjoy the fast-paced nature of it.

Online Zoom Consultations:

We offer 60-minute Zoom consultations all year long; however, December proves to be a popular month for these- so many aspiring flower farmers looking to get a jump on the upcoming flower season.

I do thoroughly enjoy these Zoom calls– it’s a wonderful opportunity where I can connect with so many talented individuals in a very personal, one-on-one setting. Hearing others’ plans for the upcoming year fills me up in an inexplainable way; it truly gets me excited to start work on my own planning process for the upcoming year!

What We’re Planting:

Tulip Bulbs:

This time of year we’re still planting our tulip bulbs. By now, we finished planting most all of the bulbs that arrived with our first shipment; however, we do get multiple shipments of bulbs in a season.

In addition to sourcing regular tulip bulbs, we also order in a number of bulbs that are pre-cooled. You see, most spring-flowering bulbs need a prolonged period of exposure to cold temperatures to grow and bloom properly. Bulbs that arrive to us pre-cooled allow us to shorten the window of time until we have blooms. Ultimately, this is how we’re able to have tulips blooming in time for Valentine’s Day.

Pre-cooled bulbs, because they need to undergo their cold treatment, don’t ship to us until late November- which is why we’re just getting to planting them now.


I planted my first daffodil bulbs back in 2020. Little did I know then just how much I’d come to appreciate these low-maintenance yet incredibly hard-working early spring bloomers.

Each year, I like to add a variety or two to my collection. It makes me so happy to see this cheery flowers blooming in the garden!

This year, I ordered 6 new, fun + unique varieties to test out in hopes that we’ll be able to offer those same varieties as part of our fall bulb sale. While I’d normally love to have our bulbs planted in the ground in October or November- that timing didn’t work out this year.

Thankfully the cold weather has held off long enough that now in December I can finally get these daffodil bulbs planted in the ground.

What’s Blooming:

There’s still not much in bloom this time of year for our small flower farm…

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I think having a break in our year where little to no flowers are actually in bloom helps me to appreciate them more once they do finally show up again.

Things I’m Loving:

I’ve been gearing up for a while now to get back to sharing more consistently on my YouTube channel. I’m slightly annoyed with myself for not being more consistent with video uploads this past year…

Truth be told, I absolutely love creating content- the entire process of filming, recording + editing- I find it such a satisfying way for me exercise my creativity. As we transition to January, I have plans to share more video content in the new year- and so, I purchased an early Christmas present for myself this year.

Yep, I bought a new camera…

I’ve actually been looking for a better quality camera for some time now, but I’ve held off on making any large purchases until I was absolutely sure YouTube was a path I wanted to continue on. While there’s nothing wrong with the old point-and-shoot camera that I’ve been using these past 18 months, I am excited to finally upgrade to a camera that will ultimately make recording videos easier.

If you’re wanting to upgrade your own camera situation- let it be known that I purchased this camera, this lens, and this microphone

…and I absolutely love the difference in quality these pieces of equipment make.


And with that- that’s a wrap on our year! If you’ve been following along for this entire series of monthly recaps, I hope you’ve enjoyed this inside peek into what it’s actually like owning and operating a small flower farm.

If you’re interested in pursing flower farming yourself- don’t forget that we have lots of resources to help you get started- including our Garden Planning Workbook, our Quarter Acre Cut Flower Plan, and Zoom Consultations for more personalized approach to getting started.

Are you a flower farmer or have hopes of starting your own flower farm in the upcoming year?! I’ve love it if you’d share in the comments below!

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