building a profitable winter season

for your flower farming business

Extend your season with Holiday Offers so you can profit even in your off season!

Serving our customers in the off-season by offering things like fresh, evergreen porch pots + hand-tied holiday wreaths was a game-changer for our small business!

After years of experimenting with what’s worked + what’s not- we’re excited to finally be peeling back the curtains of our own winter season so you too can create meaningful holiday offers that your customers will actually be excited to buy.


Starting something new is scary... Let us help you take the guesswork out of it all!

Inside the course- I’m sharing *everything* I wish I had known when starting out…

Yep… you’ll learn:

The important considerations you should take into account when designing your holiday offers

The in’s + out’s of marketing your offering to your audience…

Pricing your offers so that you actually make money

…and so much more!


Get your Holiday Season up + running on the right foot!

From hosting workshops to selling pre-made designs through our holiday pop-up shop and even creating our own Signature Wreath Kit…

…Here at Two Sisters Flower Farm, we’ve tried A LOT of different things!

I’m most excited to have you learn from my mistakes and help you avoid making those same costly errors that I did when I was just starting out. 

Here's Everything You'll Find Inside this Course...

Video Instructions + Resources:

I’ll take you step-by-step through how we design, market + price our holiday offers here at Two Sisters Flower Farm.

Never designed a wreath or porch pot before?! No problem!

I’ll also share video demonstrations on how how we create our wreaths and porch pots.

Steal our Wreath Kit Recipe:

I’ll even break down how we pack our Signature Wreath Kits + share the EXACT recipe that we use!

Recommendations for Tools + Supplies

Plus, I’ll share recommendations of sources + suppliers that we use for our own holiday season.

Limited Time Bonus...

I’ll be honest in my dream life, you’d be sitting at my kitchen table, both of us sipping on iced coffees as we mapped out your seasonal offerings together.

And while time + space make that a little difficult… I still want to make sure you feel supported as you embark on this new adventure with your flower-farming business. That’s why for this first round of enrollments, I’ll include more personalized support in the form of a group Q+A Session via Zoom!

Yep, enroll before Dec 1, 2023 + Join Us on Zoom (on Dec. 9th) as we make sure that you get the answers to ALL your questions!

You can get started today for...


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$ 69 Per Month

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